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Welcome to our beautiful domaine

In 1998, Marion discovered a place with "unprecedented potential".

An old farmhouse at the end of a rural road, 6 hectares of farmland and the enchanting views over the rolling Lauragais countryside made it clear at once: 

"This is the place!"

In the years that followed, Marion and Cax, working together with great love and lots of energy, have created a park where, according to many of our guests you never stop being suprised. 

The love of nature is palpable and visible everywhere. And apart from our guests, this is also appreciated by a variety of birds and butterflies that have come to live around us.

"The feeling of being able to distance yourself from the world while being so close to it , is and will always remain very special.

The views by the pool and the stunning sunsets never cease to amaze. 

We love to share the peace, space and beauty of our place with you! 

À bientôt,

 Marion & Cax

Foto KCK_edited.jpg

We are still overjoyed by all the humour, the super sweet care, the delicious food, the cosy fellow guests, the great place, the beautiful view, the refreshing swimming pool that is open just until the campsite closes, the great shady pitch and not forgetting dear Tessa (the campsite dog). Precious pearls, the campsite and the owners!

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