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Yoga & Ayurveda

Are you usually up early and ready for a relaxing day? Relax even more by participating in our yoga.

In addition to our cook, hairdresser and much more, Marion is also a yoga teacher. A few times a week she gives free half an hour of yoga by the pool. You can participate at your own level, so even if you are a beginner, you are very welcome. 

If this tastes like more, there are paid Kundalini and Yin Yoga classes of 90 minutes a few times a week.

Also outside the high season there are possibilities on our domaine to relax with yoga or to participate in a special Ayurveda purification week. During this week you will meet 

Ayurvedic food and herbs, which have a purifying effect on the body. In addition, we delve into Ayurvedic massages, which help to remove waste products from the body. 

During the yoga and singing bowl sessions we pay attention to finding the right balance. 

Of course there is also plenty of free time to relax, read or walk or enjoy by the pool.


If you would like more information about these special activities, we will be happy to inform you. Send us an email, call us or discuss it with us during your holiday. 

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